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  Mission Statement  

 Maury Middle School challenges students to excel in academic achievement, social development, and extracurricular opportunities.

  About The School  

Maury Middle School

We are Maury Middle School. Our school services students in grades six through eight.  We have an enrollment of approximately 675 students.  Our school is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

Our school is situated overlooking beautiful Douglas Lake with awesome views of the Great Smoky Mountains in the distance.

Parent Engagement Plan Maury Middle School 2017-2018

Parent Engagement Plan

Maury Middle School 2017-2018


Maury Middle School seeks high quality, effective communication with parents through the following avenues:

· Parent/School/Student Compacts, which outline responsibilities for each party in the process of achieving student success

· Our “BlackBoard” phone system, which is utilized to send parents, students, and staff messages · The MMS website, which is found at ; contains all faculty email addresses and school information and activities

· Monthly school newsletter/calendar of events and informative flyers as needed

· Parent-Teacher Conferences during fall and spring semesters

· Student planners containing handbooks with school rules and procedures

· Open-door policy for parent concerns through phone, email, or team meetings.

· School marquee to display important upcoming events

· PTO- established a PTO membership drive to foster parent participation

· Hornet PRIDE athletic organization for extra-curricular parent participation

· School counselors, teacher teams, and administration keep in contact with parents regarding social, emotional, or academic concerns

· Regular, timely reports on progress (report cards every 9 weeks and mid-terms between each 9 week reporting period; access to Aspen (web-based grading system used by teachers)

· Student academic progress viewable to parents through Aspen


Maury Middle School will establish multiple avenues to involve stakeholders at school:

· Maury Middle School holds an Open House within the first two weeks of school in order for students and parents to meet and greet faculty.

· Maury Middle will train volunteers on discipline and FERPA along with health and safety measures.

· Maury Middle will host a Night of the Arts in December to exhibit student talents in singing, playing instruments, creating artworks, and acting.

· Local Veterans are invited to Maury Middle for refreshments and performance by band/music students on Veteran’s Day.

· The school library sponsors a Book Fair each year. Students purchase books and win books throughout the week. The Book Fair is open one evening for Family Night. Parents are invited to assist in the library during this time.

· Our school participates in a food drive each year for Christmas in Jefferson County. The canned foods that are collected from various schools are put together for needy families. Students are rewarded for participation in the food drive.

· Second Harvest group provides non-perishable food items for students and families.

· Our basketball teams and student council provide poinsettias during a visit to residents of the Jefferson County Nursing Home.

· Various service organizations, such as Leo Club, 4-H, FCA, National Junior Honor Society, and Student Council provide support to the school and community through service projects.

· Clothes closet provides students in need with clothing.

· Teachers collect food items for distribution over summer break.

· Faculty supports United Way through staff and student donations.


At Maury Middle School, families and school staff will continuously work together to support student learning both at home and school:

· Before- and after-school tutoring is available to targeted students based on individual deficits.

· Administration and teachers meet with parents and guardians to discuss student academic and behavioral concerns.

· Students set goals and track their progress and achievement in all subjects utilizing Individual Learning Plans (ILPs). ILPs are reviewed with parents during conferences.

· Teachers and parents use daily planners for communication between home and school.

· Teachers utilize communication apps to easily pass along information to families.

· Aspen is utilized by faculty to communicate grades, assignments, and important events.

· Edulastic, Moby Max, Carnegie Learning, and other resources are all subscribed programming available to students at home through the internet.

· School counselors provide individual, small, and large group sessions to meet social, academic, and career needs.

· Families are given timely reports on progress with report cards every 9 weeks and mid-terms between each 9- week reporting period, as well as other times deemed necessary by teachers or parents.

· Cherokee Mental Health provides counseling weekly.

· Maury Middle School has developed an attendance intervention plan to decrease chronic absentism.