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JCS School Climate Survey
Posted On:
Friday, October 19, 2018
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Notice to Parents of Jefferson County Schools:


Please take our School Climate Survey.  We are asking all parents to take this short survey offered by the TN Dept. of Education to help us improve conditions for learning in our schools.  Your perceptions about your child’s school will help us identify what we are doing well, and what we need to do better.

If you have more than one child in the same school, take the survey only one time for that school.  If you have children in multiple schools, you may take the survey for each school your children attend.  This survey is anonymous.


Please use the correct school link below to complete this survey.


Jefferson County Schools School Climate Parent Survey Links

Dandridge Elementary

Dandridge Elementary Parent Survey (K-12)

Jefferson Elementary

Jefferson Elementary Parent Survey (K-12)

Jefferson Middle

Jefferson Middle Parent Survey

Maury Middle

Maury Middle Parent Survey

Mt. Horeb Elementary

Mt. Horeb Elementary Parent Survey (K-12)

New Market Elementary

New Market Elementary Parent Survey (K-12)

Piedmont Elementary

Piedmont Elementary Parent Survey (K-12)

Rush Strong School

Rush Strong School Parent Survey (K-12)

Talbott Elementary

Talbott Elementary Parent Survey (K-12)

White Pine School

White Pine School Parent Survey (K-12)


Patriot Academy / 9th Grade

Patriot Academy Parent Survey

Jefferson County High / 10th – 12th Grade

Jefferson County High Parent Survey