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TN Financial Literacy Commission Award Given to 2nd Grade Teacher at JES
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Tuesday, April 16, 2019
2019 Mrs. Kara Campbell recipientof TN Financial Literacy Commission Award
2019 Mrs. Kara Campbell recipientof TN Financial Literacy Commission Award
Congratulations, Mrs. Campbell!

Governor Bill Lee, Lieutenant Governor Randy McNally, State Treasurer David H. Lillard, Jr., Speaker of the House Glen Casada and Tennessee Financial Literacy Commission hosted an annual dinner at the State Capitol in Nashville. Mrs. Kara Campbell was an honored guest of the TNFLC that recognizes educators throughout our state who promote financial fitness for life using curriculum provided to all K-12 schools.  

TNFLC host several all-day free trainings throughout the state for educators. The training is trifold. The educator receives classroom materials for Financial Fitness for Life, My Classroom Economy ideas, and Retire Ready Tennessee information.

My Classroom Economy resonated with Jefferson Elementary School’s second grade teacher Mrs. Campbell. State standards for mathematics and English language arts are rigorous coupled with the day to day demands within the classroom. Mrs. Campbell along with the faculty and staff at Jefferson Elementary School have implemented a schoolwide behavioral system. Each student knows the three rules of being safe, respectful, and responsible. In Mrs. Campbell’s classroom, the expectations of behaviors were enhanced with the implementation of a classroom economy. TNFLC’s My Classroom Economy encourages classroom jobs and rewards.

In Mrs. Campbell’s, class each student has a weekly responsibility that mimics a real-world career such as banker, librarian, landscaper etc.  Students receive a weekly salary. The salary is used to pay bills and make purchases from a classroom store. When students go above or beyond expectations, they are rewarded with an overtime pay; consequently, if students choose poorly, they receive a ticket they must pay.

Mrs. Campbell received the Tennessee Financial Literacy Commission’s East Tennessee Grand Division 2019 Financial Literacy Leadership Award for her efforts in teaching her students life-long lessons. Next school year, Mrs. Campbell and school administration will implement a similar system school- wide. Jefferson Elementary School will receive training from TNFLC Commissioner Bill Parker to ensure the success of all students.