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Maury Middle School School/Parent/Student Compact 2019-2020 School Year
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Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Maury Middle School 

Reward School 2017-18 & 2018-19 

School/Parent/Student Compact 

2019-2020 School Year 


This compact outlines how the school faculty, staff, parents, families, and the students at Maury Middle School will share the responsibility for improved student academic achievement and the means by which the school, parents and families will build and develop a partnership that will help every student achieve Tennessee’s high standards. MMS will develop and maintain a positive school culture that promotes and fosters high levels of culturally diverse and student equitable learning opportunities. We will foster a welcoming and mutually supportive climate for all families. We will establish ways to celebrate the diverse successes of every student with family-school partnerships. In compliance with parent-family involvement laws and regulations, parents and families will be asked to sign and return the shortened form of this compact. (To be sent home from school with student) This is the more descriptive form and is published on the school’s website for reference. 


As staff and faculty, we will: 

· Provide high-quality curriculum and instruction in a supportive and effective learning environment in order for students to meet academic achievement standards. · 

o All teachers at Maury Middle School are highly qualified. 

o Teachers participate in on-going professional development. 

o Grade level teachers work weekly in collaborative teams. 

o Intervention is provided in math and reading based on student needs. 

· Hold parent and family teacher conferences in both the fall and spring semesters. 

o Formal parent-teacher conferences will be scheduled at least two weeks in advance. 

o The school calendar will reflect the parent and family- teacher conference dates. 

o Teachers will send home information on scheduling parent and family teacher conferences. 

o Conferences may be requested by parents and families/teachers at any other time needed. 

· Give parents and families timely reports on student progress. 

o Report cards are used every 9 weeks along with mid-terms between each 9 week reporting period. 

o Teachers send home communications which include schedules, student behavior expectations, and homework expectations. 

· Be accessible to parent and families and respond to their questions and concerns in a timely manner. 

o Parents and families can contact teachers by email, phone, note, or in person with advance notice. 

o School staff members are available to return phone calls or meet with parents and families during their planning times. All teachers have one 68-minute planning time daily. 

o Aspen Parent Portal allows parents to view student’s grades, schedules, and provides a direct line of communication with the teacher. 

o The portal username for your child is (firstname.lastname). The password for your child is their universal lunch number. 

· Provide parents and families with opportunities to participate in their child’s education. 

o Volunteer training is available to parents at the beginning of the school year and throughout the year upon request. 

o Volunteers are utilized during special school events such as book fairs, dances, etc. 

o Parents and families are encouraged to get involved in PTO, Hornet Pride, and other extra-curricular activities at school. 

· Set and enforce firm and fair safety, discipline, and drug/alcohol policies. 

o Safety measures are in place and updated annually and practiced throughout the year. 

o Students are educated on classroom rules and procedures and are provided with a student handbook containing rules and procedures. 

o Teachers use a school-wide behavior system with students. 

o Office and bus referral forms are utilized by school staff. 

· Provide a safe, caring environment conducive to learning. 

o Students are treated respectfully. 

o School rules are outlined in the student handbook. 

o Schedules are in place to minimize distractions and maximize learning. 

· Be responsible, respectful, and ready to help all students learn each day. 

o Be present in the classroom to conduct and supervise learning activities. 

o Have lessons prepared ahead in order to maximize learning time. 

o Respond to student concerns in a timely manner. 

o Teachers/staff will enforce rules consistently and fairly. 



As parents and families, we will: 

· Send children to school each day on time, appropriately dressed, and prepared to learn. 

o Consult the handbook on questions involving dress-code. 

o Understand the attendance policy of the school/district/state. 

· Monitor and supervise progress and completion of homework and offer assistance when needed. 

o Provide a quiet time and place for homework daily. 

· Participate, as appropriate, with my child’s teachers in making educational decisions for my child. 

· Promote positive use of my child’s extra-curricular time. 

· Make an effort to attend school functions, including parent- teacher conferences. Show support to teachers at Maury Middle School. 

· Review and sign report cards, midterm/other progress reports. 

· Stay informed about my child’s education; communicate with the school by promptly reading and responding as necessary to all correspondence from the school or district, and/or contacting the school as necessary with concerns. 

o Sign and return necessary forms to school. 

o Sign and return discipline forms when sent home. 

o Sign and return progress reports. 

o Correspond as necessary through the student planner, school email, or phone. 

· Support the school’s efforts to maintain good discipline and a safe environment. 

o Be familiar with the school’s rules and policies and help students understand and abide by them. 

· Be responsible, respectful, and ready to help my child learn each day. 



As a student of Maury Middle School, I will: 

· Attend school regularly, ready to learn and with homework completed. 

· Talk to my family about problems and progress in school. 

· Do my homework every day and seek assistance from teachers when there are problems with schoolwork. 

· Bring all necessary materials to class each day. 

· Follow the discipline, safety, and all other school policies. 

· Treat adults and other students with fairness and respect. 

· Be responsible, respectful, and ready to learn each day.

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