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Spring Dollywood Trip Requirements
Posted On:
Friday, January 11, 2019


Now that the fall semester has passed, it is time to begin preparing for the spring reward field trip to Dollywood. This year’s trip will take place on Thursday, May 16th and will cost approximately $40 per student. Money for the trip will be collected starting April 1st and due no later than April 26th. Be on the lookout for permission slips coming home. Please remember: Because this is a reward field trip, students must meet certain requirements to attend.

The requirements are as follows:

-Fewer than 2 office referrals for the entire year

In addition, if students have any TWO or more of the following disqualifiers during the 4th nine weeks they will not be allowed to attend.

-2 or more bullying incidents

-3 or more classroom write-ups

-3 or more lunch and learns

-3 or more missing assignments across classes

-1 or more failing grades in any core subject area

-5 or more unexcused days absent, 5 or more unexcused tardies, or 5 or more unexcused dismissals

-Students may not have any refocus visits during the 4th 9 weeks.

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